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The Wellness by Lily Journey

Wellness by Lily was founded in 2017 to provide comprehensive services to support the health & wellness of clients and their pets. Wellness by Lily offers a variety of services to improve and help you maintain your optimal health. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, Wellness by Lily provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment. Wellness by Lily is now integrating Medicine Woman Lily, a high vibrational, transformational journey for woman to awaken their inner medicine woman.  

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Medicine Woman Lily is a multi-dimensional, high vibrational and transformational journey offering  women to awaken deeper into their inner soul to bring out their true Medicine Woman. We all have the ability to heal ourselves by listening to what our souls are really telling us. Connecting with your inner medicine women will allow you to immerse yourself in abundance, love, joy, and the infinite abilities/gifts to assist the Etheric and Physical human level.  If this resonates click the button to learn more.    


Medicine Woman Divination Collection

Medicine Woman Divination Collection is for woman who is on their spiritual journey and is looking to go deeper within their own inner medicine woman. This collection is not for the faint of heart as it is a deep dive within your soul to relinquish old belief systems, paradigms and old programming allowing you to immerse yourself in abundant love, joy and discovering your hidden abilities/gifts you have within you. This will also include a high vibrational essence to assist with the integration, anchoring and embodying of the New Earth energies and frequencies. 


If this resonates with you, click on the button to book your introductory call. 


What They’re Saying

I just received my bar shampoo packaged with love from Wellness By Lily.  When I unwrapped it I was surprised by the weight and size of this creamy white bar.  That is exactly how it felt in my hands, creamy soft yet firm.  It lathered easily on my hair and the smell was amazing.  It left my hair feeling squeaky clean.  Five stars ✨ for this natural ingredient filled product made with love shampoo bar. 

Eva Lukacs

The Whipped Body Butter by Wellness By Lily is incredible - creamy, smooth and deeply moisturizing.  I use it on my whole body, as well as on my face.  It gives my skin a healthy, happy glow, which lasts all day long.  I am SO happy with this product!  The best!

Vicki Rivard

Each meditation led by Lily has been a wonderful and calming experience.  She has been able to personally select a meditation for each week that has been truly fitting for the moment.  This has been verified by others as well.  With her soothing voice and willingness to take her time to be sure we are all able to participate fully, Lily has led me down paths that are truly healing.    I would recommend Lily a million times, as I look forward to meeting with Lily and her group each week. 

Lyra Aries

It wasn't a coincidence that Lily and I crossed paths. Lily has been a blessing in my life. Lily's gift has helped me in balancing my energy when I feel exhausted and sometimes just lost with my emotions. Keeping my energy balanced allows me the ability to stay focused, improve my mood, and realign my spirit back on its path. Having regular Energy Healing sessions with Lily is a priority in maintaining my health and keeping me focused on my life purpose. Thank -you Lily 

Terri Mellway BScN , RN 

I met Lily last fall at an energy healing workshop she was hosting at a local holistic shop in Welland. Since then I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Lily on a regular basis. She is an incredibly intuitive and powerful healer.  Lily taps directly into your energy and her sessions are beautifully personal. Lily is a gifted Reiki Master and healer. I would highly recommend Wellness by Lily to anyone who is being called to explore energy healing and reap the benefits of Reiki.

Fiona Johnston

I highly recommend Liliane for Energy Harmonization Treatments on pets.  Not only is she great with humans, but she was a great help with my one year old Golden Doodle, Jackie.    When Jackie was just a pup, she got spooked by some construction workers in our subdivision and took off running...not to be seen for 4 days.  We came to find out that poor Jackie had spent that whole time hunkered down in a forest fighting for survival.   Once she was safe again at home, it quickly became evident that this incident took a real toll on all of us.  Jackie was not the energetic pup she was before and her heightened anxiety was very clear.


Jackie was lethargic, anxious, frightened of all strangers and was having stomach issues.   We decided to try the energy treatment with Liliane to see if she could help us.  When Liliane arrived at our home Jackie was anxious and barking at first.  Once Liliane knelt down with her and put her hands on her in a calming way, her behaviour changed immediately.  We watched in amazement as Jackie became completely relaxed, her breathing slowed and she laid completely still while Liliane completed the treatment.  It was definitely something you have to see to believe.  It was almost like the stress and anxiety were being lifted from her.  


In the days afterward, it was clear that progress had been made.  She began to return to her normal self, regained some regular routines and wasn't afraid to go for walks.  I have nothing but positive feedback to give about this experience and highly recommend Energy Harmonization for any pet who suffers from stress, separation anxiety,  fear or aggression.  


Thanks again Liliane!!!

Vicki Roberts 



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Alderdale General Store

1497 Alderdale Rd, Chisholm, On

Wellness By Lily's All-Natural Products for adults, teens, children and your pets are now available at The Alderdale General Store.  Please feel free to visit this amazing store for our products.  If there is a products that you are looking for and do not see it, please contact me at or by telephone: 905-733-8620 as I also provide customized orders.

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